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Sai Baba Helped My Mother To Fight Her Cancer Diseases !

My mother was a patient of brain tumor and cancer both. I continuously used to pray for my mother to our SAI BABA and tie up Nariyal every Tthursday . I still remember before every operation, how I used to console my mother and at that time she used to be my kid and I am her mother. The long waiting outside the operation theater and then taking her to the ICU keeping her there for days and me and my younger brother used to just stay outside the ICU just to get her one glimpse, as it is not allowed to go inside the ICU because it may cause infection to the patient. I just pray to our SAI BABA that please don’t make anyone suffer from disease. You can once see yourself in pain, but not your loved ones. i have been to Chhoti Shirdi and Tie Up Nariyal 9 times for every thuresday. After that a Miracle Has Happened. I can’t see her living on medicines and so weak. Sai Baba has given her life make her strong. After all its been a suffering of 20 years and more. Bless all.

Sai Kripa !

I would like to narrate an experience in our lives that shows that Baba is God incarnate. 2 years back, when our family life was in trouble, my wife suspected she would have got pregnant. We went to a doctor for confirmation 2 weeks after that. The doctor scheduled for a scan and asked us to get the reports. We got the scan done and were waiting for the doctor' advise. After some 15 mins of discussion, the doctor came out and said the scan has been done and the result is of concern. The doctor explained that the Fetus is 6 weeks old and has stopped growing inside the womb since 2 weeks and it is a case of abortion. We were shell shocked. It was the first pregnancy and my wife was heart broken. Tears welled up in her eyes. I asked the doctor to double check. The doctor was a very experienced old woman and head of the Gynecology dept at the Hospital/University. To comfort us she did the scan again and showed us that there is no pulse and according to the dates, by now the Fetus should have a pulse and growing. She asked us to go for an abortion and advised us that it's okay for us to wait for a week and then come back for the abortion.We left with heavy hearts. All the way back home my wife was inconsolable. I could not do anything. I just prayed to god and accepted the situation.Suddenly I felt I should take a second opinion. After a week we went to another lady doctor, who was also equally experienced and was head of gynecology dept in another hospital. We explained her the situation and she scheduled a scan 2 days later. We anxiously waited for the day and after the scan were impatient for the result. The doctor took me aside and said the same thing as the first doctor. However she gave us a lot of mental support and advised us to wait for another week before coming in for abortion. We could do nothing but accept her suggestion. We went back home. That night I was very agitated. We both prayed to Sai, asked him to do whatever he feels best for us and then went to bed. Before sleeping my wife applied Udhi to her stomach. She did this daily for 1 week. After one week as advised we went to the doctor for an abortion. Before that, the doctor said she would do a routine scan.Now see the miracle. The scan showed the pulse and the fetus was growing. The doctor was shocked. She double checked the earlier scan reports, recalculated the dates. She talked to herself for 10 mins.we could hear her murmuring impossible..impossible 2 to 3 times. Finally she said "God wanted this baby to be born". She then gave us the happy news. We were thrilled. My wife was happy and we could not thank Baba enough. The Baby was born with no trouble and now he is a 2 year old active energetic boy.Baba's grace is unfathomable. - 

Sai Baba Saved my Kid !

Jai Sairam, My two year old son was having high temperature and we took him to the doctor. The doctor checked him and ordered for some blood tests. On that evening the doctor called us and said that he was concerned to see his blood test results a little abnormal and prescribed an antibiotic and told us that if he doesn't get better with that he suspects something more serious. After three days my sons fever was subsided and the doctor called us back for another blood test. We got the blood test done and that evening the doctor called us and told that the blood results were still abnormal and that we should immediately take our kid for further testing to the hospital and that he made all the appointments necessary. Upon pressuring a lot he told us that he was suspecting some kind of leukemia. Hearing that we were all heart broken and we cried a lot. That whole night we were only praying to Baba to save our kid and that he should be healthy. I applied Baba's Udhi to my sons forehead and somehow felt confident that we will come home with smiles. We went to the hospital the next day (which happened to be a thursday) and they did all the tests and they told us that my son was anemic and he just needs iron supplements. Thank you so much Baba for taking care of my little one and being with us. We will never forget the blessings you have showered on us. Be with us and bless us all the time Baba.

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